Terrazzo Floors

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Benjamin Moore HC-50


In the last year I have been privileged enough to acquire not one, but two historical renovation projects. Both buildings had original smaller structures erected before the turn of the century and then had later additions added in the early 1910’s- 1940’s. The original sections of the buildings had hardwood floors but in both later additions terrazzo was poured.

I love hardwood floors but, I really got excited when I saw the terrazzo. I looked closely and couldn’t believe the amount of colors. I can tell you that before these projects I really had never gotten down and  studied the color variations in both the mortar and stones themselves.

This is color opportunity! A palette of wall paints to compliment these beautiful floors began to emerge. From warm sienna, cool taupe with a hint of green, a classic warm ivory and gold with a mustard yellow undertone. These rich, saturated  wall colors brought life back to  floors that had been overlooked for decades.

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