The Rose

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I took this photo in my garden this morning. This is my favorite rose. I’m never really sure how to describe it’s color. Is it Tangerine? Coral? Orange? Perhaps it’s my favorite because I can’t describe the color I only know that I have a joyful response to it!

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Terrazzo Floors

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TERRAZZO ¬†FLOORS ABOUND In the last year I have been privileged enough to acquire not one, but two historical renovation projects. Both buildings had original smaller structures erected before the turn of the century and then had later additions added in the early 1910’s- 1940’s. The original sections of the buildings had hardwood floors but …

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Pantone Color Predictions – 2012

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Pantone color experts have predicted what color will be influental on the home fashion / home design trends for 2012. Below is the color pallettes predicted by Pantone:

Fall Colors

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Every year, Pantone releases their report on the fall fashion colors, view it here.

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