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1001 University Avenue

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I am excited to have the opportunity once again, to partner with LZ Ventures and Knothe & Bruce Architects on a new project slated to be completed in August of 2013. The new student housing building will be constructed around the original St. Francis house structure (pictured left) located at 1001 University Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. …

Argiope Aurantia

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I love spiders! Granted, not in my bed but I am simply amazed at their ability to create incredibly durable and complicated structures. This is a  female Garden spider and yes, she is quite large. In a nightly ritual she consumes the circular interior part of the web and then rebuilds it each morning with …

The Rose

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I took this photo in my garden this morning. This is my favorite rose. I’m never really sure how to describe it’s color. Is it Tangerine? Coral? Orange? Perhaps it’s my favorite because I can’t describe the color I only know that I have a joyful response to it!

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Just Paint?

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For this entry way a paint color change transformed the space. The color above the railing was the original faux finished wall color. Soft and pretty as it was, it didn’t accent the white doors and base. The steel blue gray tone brought much needed attention to the beautiful staircase, railing and architectural columns in …

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Rethink your doors

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I am currently working on finishing a residential lower level. Although it is a large space, there are mechanicals, plumbing and knee walls to contend with. One of the issues is how to maximize room space and allow natural light to move beyond the exterior rooms. Basically to make a basement feel very un-basement like! …

Terrazzo Floors

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TERRAZZO  FLOORS ABOUND In the last year I have been privileged enough to acquire not one, but two historical renovation projects. Both buildings had original smaller structures erected before the turn of the century and then had later additions added in the early 1910’s- 1940’s. The original sections of the buildings had hardwood floors but …

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For me there is no more inspiring place than the ocean. Particularly the treasures that abound on the seashore. Ask my family and they will tell you that when we visit our favorite South Carolina destination I will spend hours hunting for treasures. My shell collection is expansive and is displayed in shadow boxes and …