Stephanie Boyd

Love Your Space.

Perhaps the best way to begin is with the end. The result. To walk into a space you know is right. A space you can embrace as an extension of yourself. A space that is unquestionably yours. A space to love.

That’s what you’ll experience with Stephanie Boyd. An intuitive, resourceful perfectionist motivated to deliver on a wish. Your wish. If you’re expecting a design diva to impose her will, be assured that’s one style you won’t find in her portfolio.

For Stephanie, it’s about collaboration, communication, approachability. And fun. With a talent to make it easy to understand a process that may feel daunting. A process that, in turn, establishes the comfort, respect and thoughtfulness required to unlock the true potential of your space.

Because after all, it begins with the end: a space you’ll love.


  • Award-winning designer
  • Specializing in residential & multi-unit residential buildings
  • Strong experience working with large contractors
  • Established reputation of finishing within budgets and timelines
  • Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Textile Design
  • Studied Art History in London